Why A Ventilated Roof Is So Important

Even if you don’t have an attic, a ventilated roof is important in helping to insulate your house and provide another layer of protection from leaks.

Here are a few reasons why roof ventilation is useful:

Energy Efficient

Hot air rises. By having extra room above your ceiling and between your rafters allows the hot air to escape, keeping your home cool.

Prevents Mold and Leaks

An Attic With Ventilation Helps Keep Your House Cooler

Since a ventilated roof allows moist air to evaporate, there will be no build up of standing water that can seep through your shingles or wood into your home.

No Ice Dams

If you live in colder climates where it snows a lot, ventilation is extremely beneficial. As snow melts and slides down your roof, the remaining water re-freezes and expands,causing your roof unnecessary weight and effort as it is forced to stretch as the water leaks through the roofing material. This forces your shingles to break apart and lift from their mountings.

All Indoor Rooms Will Be The Same Temperature

If you walk upstairs and it is hotter than a room downstairs, it is due to lack of ventilation as the warm air has no place to escape and is just sitting there. Ventilating your roof will make your air conditioner not have to work as hard to make every room in your house be the same temperature, thereby lowering your energy bill.

Attics Are Protected

If you do have an attic, but your roof is improperly ventilated, then you could find your stored items melting from the extreme temperatures. Preserve your valuables by letting all that hot air escape with a properly installed ventilation system.


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