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Your residential roof will be subject to many changes over the years as well as need repairs from time to time. Once it’s neared the end of its natural roof life however you may need to start planning for a roof replacement. What’s more, unexpected situations can occur which can prematurely damage a roof such as with severe weather rainwater damages, high wind blow-offs, hail impacts and more. It’s important to know about which roofing materials would be best for the longevity of your roof when a roof replacement becomes necessary. Here is some useful information to keep in mind when you are next in need of a roof replacement.

How do I know if my roof needs replaced?

You will know when it’s time for roof replacement based on the wear, tear, and behavior it shows. With asphalt roofing, you’ll see bald spots, granules around your home or perhaps tear-offs. With metal roofing, you may see loosened connections or punctures but beyond that, they hold up well. Other roofing concerns can be with fires or widespread water damages where insulation and underlying materials have been compromised. If you suspect your roof has come to the point where a roof replacement is necessary to have a roof inspection done to gauge the extent of damages.

Is roof replacement covered by insurance?

Roof replacement with insurance will differ per company and policy you carry with certain conditions of age, incidence, location and more needing to be met. Be sure to get in touch with an insurance representative to find out what you have covered for your roof in case a roof replacement would need to be made in the future.

Does homeowners cover roof replacement?

Homeowners insurance under an all-perils policy will cover damages made from severe weather, acts of vandalism and fire.  (If you suspect that your roof was damaged from vandalism consider residential private security services in Oklahoma City, OK.)

How much does it cost to replace a roof on a house?

The national average cost to replace a roof is $7,211 with a spending range between $4,707-$10.460. Costs will vary per region, roofing company, size of the home, roofing materials and more.

What is the most durable type of roof?

The most durable or long-lasting type of roof is considered to be slate roofing due to its roof life expectancy of 75-125 years. Metal roofing and synthetic roofing come closely behind.

What type of roof is better?

Popular roofing materials today hold protection against severe weather impacts while also holding green roofing capabilities of providing energy efficiency with reflective properties. Ideally, a roof will be able to withstand hail, water damages, fire and more while reflecting harmful UV rays. A roofing material’s ability to reflect the sun’s rays or lower overall building temperature can also be called or considered as cool roofing. Having protection against inclement weather, fire or having reflective properties is highly regarded and homeowners insurance even encourages purchase by providing discounts if you have roof replacement with these types of materials.

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What is the best material for roofs?

  • Metal
  • Slate
  • Synthetic
  • Architectural
  • Impact Resistant

What happens if you don’t replace your roof?

Roof replacement is essential when the integrity of your roof has been compromised. Such cases as rotted support beams or dips in the roof can escalate from unsupported weight to where the roof can sag or collapse. What’s more with widespread water damages you can expect the growth of moss, mold, dark stains, mildew and more as bacteria would be allowed to grow over time. With water damages, you can have insulation or wooden beams absorb the water and become compromised as well. WIth punctures and leaks, you can increase interior water damages which can affect other home systems such as the HVAC (heating and cooling,) mess with appliances, flooring and more.

What To Expect Roof Replacement

When you are getting ready for a roof replacement processes can differ but typically can begin by contacting your insurance to make a claim if damages were caused by severe weather. They may ask you to contact a professional roofing company in order for them to conduct a professional roof inspection which will support your claim. Typically roofing companies will offer services to assist you in the claims process and will even provide photos as proof to support your claim. Most roof insurance companies will cover the cost of roof replacement yet labor may be expected to be paid on your end. A schedule will be set for roof replacement as well as plans for payment. Depending on the roof that you have you can expect older materials to either remain and be layered over or have them removed to make room for newer materials. 

Contact A Professional Roofer

Only with the help of a professional roofer will you be able to benefit from a roof inspection which not only will determine the extent of damages made to your roof but will also support any insurance claims being made for hopes of a roof replacement. With the assistance of a professional roofer, proper roofing materials can be determined that will best match with your property’s characteristics and specifications. When you’re in need of a residential roof replacement in Oklahoma City, OK make sure to contact your local roofing company to get the process started.

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