Wind Damage Roof Repair

Covenant Roofing can offer wind damage roof repair in Oklahoma City, OK. To get started, call 405-720-6200 for a quote or estimate.

We think roofing should be a long term investment with a high pay off. Covenant Roofing services allow wind roof repair customers a chance to see their roof last for decades.

One way you can protect your investment is by scheduling regular inspections. Our free estimates will let you know everything about the damage left behind after a wind storm. Covenant contractors provide excellent customer service, and will happily answer any questions you might have.

Wind Damage Roof Repairs in Oklahoma City, OK

Wind damage roof in Oklahoma, OK

Wind damage is a destructive force to rooftops across the nation. Don’t be a victim!

“Wind damage” doesn’t sound violent, but with over 50 tornadoes a year in the Midwest, wind damage is a real thing. Wind storms can easily rip up your roof, leaving sizable damage. The debris alone carried by harsh winds will shred a roof. Wind storms can affect any type of roofing material. Without the right preparations and repairs, your roof won’t last long.

Our customers additionally have access to emergency roofing services through Covenant. We offer this service because we know how pressing roof repairs can become after a significant weather event.

Signs You Have Wind Damage

wind damage roof

Oklahoma’s severe weather means that homes may need frequent repairs from wind damage.

If wind has damaged major components of your roofing system, it’s eligible for wind damage repair. Our wind roof repair services include roof restoration, shingle repair, and roofing installation. To keep your roof in excellent shape, call for these services if you notice any of the following signs:

Missing Shingles: The most common sign of wind damage comes from missing shingles. If you see dark spots on your roof from the ground, then you’ve likely located a patch where the shingles have gone missing. Even a single missing shingle requires repair, as it provides a point of entry for water.

Streaked Shingles: If you see dark streaks across your shingles, you’ve likely noticed an area that the wind has scoured of roofing granules. Roofing granules protect your roof from sun damage and impact. Shingles that have lost their granules need replacement.

Debris: The worst damages from wind come from hurled debris. If your roof has debris scattered across it, schedule an immediate inspection to learn the scope of damage.

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