Hail Damage Roof Repair

Hail damage in Oklahoma City, OK

Hail wreaks havoc on all roofing types across the nation.

Speak with a Covenant roofing contractor today about scheduling hail damage roof repair in Oklahoma City, OK. Hail damages affect all types of roofing, including slate shingles and metal. If customers have recently experienced roof hail damage, they can visit our roof insurance claim page.

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Even durable materials like metal can suffer long term damage from hail. Because of this, it can be it’s hard to find affordable and hail resistant roofing. Trust our knowledgeable roofers to install the right roof for you. We’ll also complete repairs after every hailstorm.

To avoid an accumulation of damage from hail, homeowners can schedule regular roofing maintenance. This means you can prepare for upcoming hail storms with expert advice and service. After a storm, we can then examine your roof and note any sort of new damage.

Hail varies in size and density with every storm. Since you never know when an intense storm will strike, keep handy the number of a trusty contractor like Covenant Roofing. Always make sure to call for an inspection after a major hailstorm. The damage may make itself apparent later in the form of leaks, or you may need a professional estimate to begin an insurance claim.

Hail Damage Roof Types

If you’re unsure that your roof has suffered from hail damage, here are things to look for:


hail damage roof

Our dutiful inspectors will prepare your estimate and assess the damage to your roof.

Hail leaves small to gargantuan holes in slate roofing tiles. Roofers will thoroughly check roofing felt beneath the tiles for further damage. If any tile damage goes unchecked for too long, homeowners might see roof deck damage from water infiltration. Be sure to schedule regular inspections.

Metal Roof Hail Damage

Most hail storms could dent a brand new metal roof, especially if the hailstone is rather large. Denting can cause a hairline crack, which will grow over time, in roof coating.

Asphalt Shingle Hail Damage

Hail stones crack the rigid surfaces of asphalt shingles. When the granules break away, they expose the roofing felt underneath. Homeowners should replace tiles when this happens. Otherwise, excessive damage to the roofing felt will cause roof failure.

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