Roof Shingle Repair

roof shingle repair

Hail damage indicates a need for immediate shingle repair.

For great roof shingle repair in Oklahoma City, OK, call Covenant Roofing at 405-720-6200. Covenant Roofers work with all types of shingles, including asphalt, slate, wood, metal and plastic. With the wild weather in the area, regular inspections become necessary. Our trustworthy, honest team can then keep you apprised of any needs for repair.

An asphalt shingle roof affords quality at a reasonable price. Higher-end shingles such as slate endow a house with majesty and offer unparalleled longevity. Between the various types of shingles, this roofing style has a great deal of versatility.  However, a lot of wind and rain in the area affects the life expectancy of any roofing shingles.

Roof Shingle Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

Shingle Roof Repair in Oklahoma City, OK

Ask local Roofing experts about shingle repair.

Covenant workers will clean and repair roof shingles during shingle maintenance visits. We’ll also replace blown away and damaged shingles. This regular roof work will stop two other common causes of roofing shingle damage: the accumulation of debris from storms and trees, and the growth of mold or moss. For more expensive varieties of shingles, including slate and clay, you can expect the following signs to indicate repair.

Slate and Clay Shingle Repair
Unlike asphalt shingles, slate and clay shingles are highly resistant to moisture and temperature. Repairs for these types of shingles generally look like:

  • Replacement of broken tiles
  • Restoration of fasteners and sheathing
  • Roof flashing repairs

Because slate and clay shingles have such high durability, damage found is normally a telltale sign of another underlying issue. Call a Covenant Roofer today to advise repairs.

Asphalt Shingle Repair

A visual inspection provides the first step in determining whether your asphalt shingle roof needs repair. Walk around your house and look for the common signs of repair listed below. You can also check your gutter the next time it needs cleaning. If it has a high amount of roofing granules, then your roof needs repair. Asphalt granules perform a highly important role in the maintenance of your roof, as they protect the shingles from the effects of sunshine. Other signs that your shingle roof needs repair include:

  • Curling Shingles – As a reaction to heat and moisture, tile corners will curl up or down. Once the edges fold, more moisture will infiltrate your roof and home.
  • Buckling shingles – Shingles that have buckled present similar problems as curled shingles. Call for an inspection and repair today.
  • Missing Shingles – It should go without saying that missing shingles indicate a need for repair. These represent gaps in your home’s defense against water.
  • Dark¬†Spots – These can indicate hail damage or, if larger, missing shingles. Either way, your roof has sustained damage and needs immediate repairs.
  • Leaks – Though ceiling leaks can also come from damaged plumbing or a faulty HVAC, a damaged roof stands as the usual culprit. If you see no other obvious cause, call for a professional inspector when you find a leak.

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When you schedule shingle repair in Oklahoma City, OK, you can count on fantastic service. Call Covenant Roofing now for regular roof repair at 405-720-6200.