Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation

Some soffit, such as that pictured here, will include attic vents.

Roof ventilation in Oklahoma City, OK is an essential part of effective roofing. Efficient roof ventilation will save you money off your energy bill and promote a more comfortable home. A good roofer such as Covenant Roofing has your best interests at heart, and will make sure your roof vents are well done. Call us now at 405-720-6200.

In particular, Oklahoma customers will receive awesome benefits from a good roof ventilation job. Hot summers and cold winters alike generate the need for effective roof ventilation.

What does Roof Ventilation in Oklahoma City, OK do?

Roof Ventilation in Oklahoma City, OK

Effective roof ventilation saves energy in residential homes.

Roof venting systems work to battle common seasonal problems. In the summer, ventilation systems promote decent air flow. This air flow directs solar-heated air out of your attic, which cools your home and lessens the load on your HVAC.

During the winter, roof ventilation allows cold air to enter the attic and offset the effects of your home heating system. This wintry air promotes a cold roof, which homeowners want in colder climates. The reason comes from ice dams, which form when melting snow accumulates near the gutters, then refreezes. Ice dams create major problems for your roof’s drainage system, as they block the flow of water off your roof and away from your home.

Tip: You can install roof venting on any type of roofing system. Ask a Covenant contractor about where to go next, today!

Vent Types

Some roofing ventilation options include roof deck venting and attic venting. Roof deck venting can often work in tandem with roof shingles. Some ventilation companies make vents that slide right underneath shingles. Vents like these are barely noticeable and very efficient.
You might also hear roof venting referred to as attic venting. Attic venting uses house fixtures like soffit to promote healthy airflow in the home. One other way to increase air flow is to install a roof gable vent. They’re stylish and classy, and get the job done. Homeowners can choose shape, color, and size to match individual preference.

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Set up roof ventilation repair or installation today if you suffer from outrageous energy bills. After performing a roof inspection, our contractors will give you choices for which types of vents will work best.  Call 405-720-6200 now to get the process rolling for roof ventilation in Oklahoma City, OK, today.