Roof Insurance Claim Assistance

Get the most out of your roof insurance claim in Oklahoma City, OK. Roofing with Covenant means you can talk with an expert about receiving insurance discounts and managing your claim. If you have a damaged roof that qualifies for insurance, call us now at 405-720-6200. Our expert roofers will prepare a free estimate to start the claim process. As the process continues or problems arise, you can count on our experienced team’s help.

Insurance Claims

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You can count on Covenant Roofing to help you receive what you’re due from insurance.

Roof insurance claims can prove tricky to navigate, especially for a first timer. At Covenant Roofing, however, we have years of experience dealing with insurance companies. As a partner throughout this complicated and, at times, frustrating process, you cannot beat Covenant Roofing.

Let us discuss your options BEFORE you file your claim. You should first have us check out your roof damage and give you a detailed list of appropriate repairs. Unlike some roofers, we have your best interests in mind when we prepare the estimate. You can count on an honest, accurate appraisal of the damage. This will speed along the claim process, as the insurance company will see the truth of the situation.

To benefit your claim and your pockets, learn what kinds of issues lead to functional damage. Most insurance policies do not cover so-called “cosmetic damage.” Hail damage appears both unsightly and functionally significant, however, so should get covered. It will help any homeowner to review his or her policy before they begin the claim process.

Insurance Discounts

Homeowners in our area pay a pretty penny for roof insurance. To help our customers receive the money they deserve from their expensive policies, we’ve begun to offer our assistance throughout the roof insurance claim process. We also help customers discover insurance discounts related to their roofing.

Special roofing materials that reward discounts include:


Buyers who want to save money on insurance can select a thicker variety of metal paired with a roof coating. Both components do a fantastic job protecting homes against harmful weather. Visit our metal roofing page to learn more about metal roofing options.


Believe it or not, you can get plastic roofing shingles. Insurance companies respect this material’s durability and practicality. Plastic is much tougher under the sun and in the cold than mineral based materials like slate or wood. Buyers can also opt for plastic roofing membranes, which provide a host of benefits as roofing.

roof insurance claims in Oklahoma City, OK

Roof insurance claims are often a headache, but with the right help behind you, it’ll be a piece of cake.

Modified asphalt

Modified materials tend to be manufactured to handle harsh weather. Modified asphalt is one of them. Unlike plain asphalt shingles, this type of shingle has fortifications to last longer than 30 years. It’s perfect for Oklahoma’s messy weather, and should qualify for a discount from local insurance companies.

To get all the information and help you can, call Covenant Roofing at 405-720-6200 now. Ask to speak to a roofing agent about insurance discounts and preventative roofing. If you have a roof insurance claim in Oklahoma City, OK, we’re the team that will help.