Fascia and Soffit Repair

Eaves need regular maintenance to support your roof. Call 405-720-6200 Covenant Roofing about fascia and soffit repair in Oklahoma City, OK.

Fascia provides a base for the installation of gutters.

To protect the inside of the home, you have to work on the outside. Many outer parts have specific jobs, like roof vents and roof gutters. Two particular parts, the soffit and the fascia, work wonders for your roof. With regular soffit and fascia checks, you can keep your roof in good repair for a long time.

The soffit and the fascia are two components that work together. Soffit lines the edge of the roof, under the rain gutter. Fascia covers the ends of the rafters and serves as the place to attach gutters. Roofing ventilation, an important part of roofing, is often used in the eaves a home. With good soffit and fascia care, you have the option to use the eaves of your home as a ventilation system for your attic.

Fascia & Soffit Repair In Oklahoma City, OK

Soffit repair in Oklahoma, OK

The soffit is the very underside of eaves, close to rain gutters.

Moisture serves as the main culprit behind fascia and soffit repairs. If your gutters do not work properly, thanks to clogs or age, water will overflow and impact your fascia. Fascia that takes this punishment will eventually rot and deteriorate, which can allow moisture to enter your home. As for soffit, turbulent rain can take its toll. Pests can also damage fascia and soffit. Birds or insects may build nests, while rodents can see damaged fascia or soffit as an entryway into your home. Our experienced team can look for signs of wood rot, moisture, and pest damage, and make the necessary repairs to soffit and fascia.

Soffit & Fascia Maintenance

Covenant workers check the underside of eaves for wood rot and animal nests. To give excellent service, we offer repairs for damages right on the spot. We’ll remove nests and replace rotted soffit or fascia. As with all of our premier services, you can always trust us for honesty and fairness about needed repairs.

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Phone a Covenant Roofing contractor immediately if you see any signs of damage to soffit or fascia. It can sometimes be hard to tell, however, so let one our team come out to perform inspections. Customers can’t go wrong with a soffit and fascia inspection from Covenant Roofing. For professional help with soffit and fascia repair in Oklahoma City, OK call 405-720-6200.