Real Dangers of a Roof Leak

Roof Leak

Roof Leaks Will Not Fix Themselves or Go Away. Call Our Team Today for Service.

When water drips from the ceiling, any homeowner will immediately recognize a problem. Leaks make any home feel unwelcoming and desolate, and can also render extensive damage. The next time you have a leak, you should call immediately for service. If you fail to see the need for promptness, consider these dangers of a roof leak.

Structural Damage

If water has penetrated your roof, then you’ve already suffered some amount of structural damage. Water will damage any wooden components it contacts, as it will encourage rot and deterioration. As the water spreads through your home, it will damage roof joists and framing. Repairs to these areas cost a pretty penny and can escalate quickly.

Mold Proliferation

Mold spores wait patiently for the chance to proliferate. Naturally present practically everywhere, these spores simply need moisture to come to life and spread. A mold infestation represents a serious cause for concern. Not only will your home become damaged, but you and your family could suffer health consequences.

Electrical Fires

Ironically enough, a leak in your ceiling can create a fire hazard. As the water spreads, it can damage electrical wiring. Eventually, this wiring will short-circuit and burst into flame. Aside from the obvious dangers of a house fire, a homeowner will also look at extensive restoration services for both water and fire damage.

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