How Can You Tell if You Have Hail Damage on Your Roof?

Hailstones Cover an Asphalt Shingle Roof.

How can you tell if you have hail damage on your roof?

If a recent storm has blown through that has included hail, it’s possible your roof has suffered hail damage. How can you find out if your roof is hail damaged? Unless you have massive holes, hail damage isn’t always easy to spot. With a hail damage roof inspection, following these steps can help you determine if your roof has damage. You’ll need a ladder to make the inspection.

  • Look for dents on the roof’s ridge cap, which runs lengthwise along the roof’s crest. Check the surface and edge of the shingle for damage.
  • Check metal surfaces like flashing for dents.
  • Search for broken and missing parts on shingles. You may also notice circular cracks in the shingles that indicate hail strikes.
  • Check for dimples and dents on the surface of shingles. The dents may not always be visible, but can normally be felt. If you have wood shingles, you’ll notice splits in the shingles.

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Can a new roof get hail damage?

Any type of roof can suffer hail damage, but new roofs often survive hail storms better than older roofs do. This is largely because the roofing material is in better shape than it would be over the course of several years. Of course, in areas like the Midwest or even here in Oklahoma City, OK where hail storms are frequent, the chances increase for a new or old roof, for that matter, to suffer hail damage. While your new roof might survive its first hail storm, or even several hail storms, it will eventually become more vulnerable to damage as it ages. Unless the damage is apparent and very severe, because most hail storms occur in the spring, it’s sometimes best to wait until after severe weather season for a hail damage roof inspection. Most insurance companies give you a one- to two-year window to report hail damage, but it’s always better to report it sooner than later.

Is hail damage covered by insurance?

Overall, most homeowners insurance will cover hail damage roof repairs, although there may be restrictions in states where hail storms are more frequent. Even without restrictions, hail damage can be difficult to determine without help from a professional. The effects of hail damage may not be apparent immediately without the help of an untrained eye. Have a professional like those at Covenant Roofing inspect your roof following a hail storm to check for damage. While it’s better to have your roof checked sooner than later, it may not be possible to do so immediately during a season when severe weather is common. Fortunately most insurance companies give you a window in which to report the damage.

How do you protect your roof from hail?

As devastating as hail is, you can protect your roof from hail. One of the best ways to protect your roof from hail damage is to install impact resistant shingles on your roof. These shingles are specifically designed to endure the high-powered impact of hail. Not only do these shingles protect your roof, some insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners for installing them.

While protecting your roof on your home is a priority, if you are a business owner, you always want to protect your property from intruders. One of the best ways to do so is with on-site security.

Can hail damage metal roof

Metal roofs are highly durable, and are highly resistant to hail. While metal roofs might suffer a few dings or small dents, hail is unlikely to puncture the metal. Some metal roofs get a Class 4 hail damage roof rating, the highest damage resistance rating roofing materials can get. This is the same damage resistance specially made impact resistant shingles receive.

Will hail damage cause roof to leak

Unless the hail is really severe and is big enough or down hard enough to puncture your roof, it’s unlikely the damage will cause an immediate leak. That said, because hail often knocks away the granules on roofing shingles, the damage will weaken the shingles over time causing the exposed asphalt to dry and crack, and this could lead to leaks.This is why it’s important to check for hail damage as soon as possible. The sooner those shingles are repaired or replaced, the less likely it is for leaks to develop.

How much does it cost to repair hail damage on roof?

Hail damage roof repair costs will vary depending on the severity of the damage. If you’re just repairing a section of the roof, rather than replacing the whole roof, you’ll spend much less on the repair. To repair a 100 foot square section will cost anywhere between $400 and $700, while a full roof replacement can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000. Having a professional come out and inspect the roof will help you determine what repairs are needed or even if the roof needs to be replaced.

A Roofer Inspects a Roof for Hail Damage.

Hail damage roof repair near me

If a hail storm has passed, for hail damage roof services in Oklahoma City, OK, the professionals to turn to are those at Covenant Roofing. We provide a full range of roof repair and replacement services. Set up an appointment with us by calling 405-720-6200.