How To Prepare Your Roof For Fall

Fall Roof Maintenance

Be Sure To Keep Your Roof Clean And Clear Of Debris Such As Leaves!

With Fall upon us in many areas of the country, and Thanksgiving right around the corner, many Americans will have friends and family visiting them over the holidays. While everyone remembers to clean and prepare the house inside, have you been keeping up with maintenance outside of the house? The exterior of your home can be easy to forget, since you probably only see it briefly each day, but your guests are sure to notice anything unkempt. Additionally, performing roof maintenance as the seasons change is a great way to extend the life of your roof system for years to come.

Remove Debris

We recommend that our clients schedule roof inspections annually, so if you’ve already had a professional inspection this year, a basic walk around on the ground should be enough to give you an idea of any maintenance needs. To begin, walk around the perimeter of your home, and look for signs of debris on the roof. This includes, leaves, dirt, twigs, animals nests, and anything else that doesn’t belong there. Anything of that nature will need to be removed ASAP! Lingering debris on your roof can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, or even cause rot by trapping moisture on your shingles.

Clean the Gutters

Additionally, take time to make sure your gutters are clean and clear of any debris as well. After you’ve emptied the gutters of leaves, wash them with the hose to really brighten up the exterior of your home. If time allows, and also consider power washing your driveway and sidewalks with water to really make your home stand out!

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Real Dangers of a Roof Leak

Roof Leak

Roof Leaks Will Not Fix Themselves or Go Away. Call Our Team Today for Service.

When water drips from the ceiling, any homeowner will immediately recognize a problem. Leaks make any home feel unwelcoming and desolate, and can also render extensive damage. The next time you have a leak, you should call immediately for service. If you fail to see the need for promptness, consider these dangers of a roof leak.

Structural Damage

If water has penetrated your roof, then you’ve already suffered some amount of structural damage. Water will damage any wooden components it contacts, as it will encourage rot and deterioration. As the water spreads through your home, it will damage roof joists and framing. Repairs to these areas cost a pretty penny and can escalate quickly.

Mold Proliferation

Mold spores wait patiently for the chance to proliferate. Naturally present practically everywhere, these spores simply need moisture to come to life and spread. A mold infestation represents a serious cause for concern. Not only will your home become damaged, but you and your family could suffer health consequences.

Electrical Fires

Ironically enough, a leak in your ceiling can create a fire hazard. As the water spreads, it can damage electrical wiring. Eventually, this wiring will short-circuit and burst into flame. Aside from the obvious dangers of a house fire, a homeowner will also look at extensive restoration services for both water and fire damage.

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4 Signs Your Shingle Roof Needs Repairs

4 Signs Your Shingle Roof Needs Repairs

Four Signs Your Shingle Roof Needs Repairs.

Our roofing shingles are manufactured in order to give homeowners long-lasting protection. While shingles are incredibly sturdy, there will be times when they need to be repaired. It can be a stressful thing to deal with, but knowing when your shingle roof needs repairs can save you a lot of stress. Below are four signs your shingle roof needs repairs.

Your Shingles Are Missing

Usually, one or two shingles won’t do too much damage, but if there is an area on your roof, or several areas, where there are shingles missing, you will need to call a roofer for repairs as soon as possible.

There Are a Number of Broken Shingles

Again, one broken shingle shouldn’t have much effect on your roofing system, but if a lot or most of your shingles are broken, that can be a sign that you need repairs for your residential roof.

You Have Curling Shingles

Curling means that the edges of the shingles are curling up. When your shingles are curling, you can bet that you will need to get repairs for your roof.

You Have Buckling Shingles

Buckling shingles refers to your shingles being distorted or looking like there is a wave in them. Buckling shingles, like curling shingles, should be taken seriously and repaired immediately.

If you think you need shingle repair in Oklahoma City, OK, feel free to call the expert roofers at Covenant Roofing today at 405-720-6200. We are ready to get your residential roof back in good shape.

What’s the Difference Between Reroofing & Roof Replacement?

Should you re-roof or replace your asphalt shingle roof top? Homeowners across the US have to answer this question every once in awhile. If you’re curious about the difference between re-roofing and replacement, talk to an expert about your situation. Ultimately, your decision is the difference between a big roofing project and small fix up.

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To Re-roof or Replace?

Reroofing is simply adding to the top of the roof you already have. Roofers come to lay down extra shingles and will most likely repair any damages they find while they’re at it. Reroofing is relatively inexpensive compared to a replacement. It normally takes half as long to complete the job and you’ll feel like you have a brand new roof. This is great for asphalt shingled roofs that are 20-30 years old but haven’t suffered large amounts of damage. If you schedule regular maintenance with a roofing expert, you too can avoid having to replace your roof after only 15 years. If you’re interested in reroofing talk to your local roofer.

A replacement is the best solution if you want a fresh start. Constant roof leaks and bad air flow are some signs that your roof system is starting to fail beyond repair. Homes in stormy areas like Oklahoma suffer brutal roof damage quite a bit. Because of the storms, the lifespan of your roof get shorter without proper maintenance. If you’ve suffered incessant storm damage you’ll want to look closely for deep roof damage. If your decking or insulation has been affected it may be time for a brand new roof.

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