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What’s the Difference Between Reroofing & Roof Replacement?

Should you re-roof or replace your asphalt shingle roof top? Homeowners across the US have to answer this question every once in awhile. If you’re curious about the difference between re-roofing and replacement, talk to an expert about your situation. Ultimately, your decision is the difference between a big roofing project and small fix up.

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To Re-roof or Replace?

Reroofing is simply adding to the top of the roof you already have. Roofers come to lay down extra shingles and will most likely repair any damages they find while they’re at it. Reroofing is relatively inexpensive compared to a replacement. It normally takes half as long to complete the job and you’ll feel like you have a brand new roof. This is great for asphalt shingled roofs that are 20-30 years old but haven’t suffered large amounts of damage. If you schedule regular maintenance with a roofing expert, you too can avoid having to replace your roof after only 15 years. If you’re interested in reroofing talk to your local roofer.

A replacement is the best solution if you want a fresh start. Constant roof leaks and bad air flow are some signs that your roof system is starting to fail beyond repair. Homes in stormy areas like Oklahoma suffer brutal roof damage quite a bit. Because of the storms, the lifespan of your roof get shorter without proper maintenance. If you’ve suffered incessant storm damage you’ll want to look closely for deep roof damage. If your decking or insulation has been affected it may be time for a brand new roof.

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